Branding : Personal Brand Building

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Personal Branding Is
  • Understand Your Ideal Target Audience
  • Build a Strong Personal Brand
  • Design a Personal Brand Strategy
  • Promote Your Personal Brand


  • Nothing is required, but a notebook and pen will come in handy!


Do you want to create a strong personal brand so that you can get ahead in your business or career? Have you ever wondered why some people in life take off while others are left in the dust? Do you want to catch your audience’s attention so that you can achieve the kind of success you want?

What this course is about:

Personal Brand Building is a course that is aimed at helping you understand the principles of marketing yourself to clients, employers, investors, and other big relationships in your life. These ideas are applied to people all around the world, and every successful person has a strong personal brand.

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What you will learn in this course:

This course will guide you through both theory and provide actionable steps to start creating your personal brand today. You can expect to gain the attention of thousands of people after you apply the principles used in this course. The lectures include:

  • Introduction to Personal Brand Building
  • Exactly what Personal Branding is
  • Steps to understanding your Personal Brand story
  • Steps to understanding your ideal target audience
  • Building and Designing your Personal Brand
  • Promoting your Personal Brand
  • and Live Case Studies of Successful Personal Brands
  • Plus free updates and additions to the course in the future!

What you don’t want to do:

Wait too long to enroll! This course is going to have evergreen updates added in the future, and the price will raise once the course meets certain milestones. The best thing to do is to enroll now so that you can lock in the price and receive all future updates for free. If you are still uncertain, you can always receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase through Udemy!

Jeremy Deighan

Who this course is for:

  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Podcasters
  • Professionals
  • Social Medialist

Introduction to Personal Brand Building

Who benefits from taking a personal brand building course
What this course is about…and what this course is not about
When to begin putting this information to practice
Why people who build a strong identity succeed

About Personal Brand Building

Understanding exactly what personal branding is
Who needs a personal brand?
Building a personal brand can change your life
Googling yourself; have you ever tried it?

Your Personal Branding Story

Everyone has a background, so what’s yours?
Deciphering your personality will lay the foundation to building your brand
Think hard about your core values and morals before proceeding
Experience, education, certificates, and accomplishments add authority

Your Target Audience

First things first; What are you trying to accomplish in life?
Figuring out who your ideal target audience is will breed success
Research your target audience and find out exactly what they stand for

Building Your Personal Brand

What is so special about you and your brand anyways?
Defining your brand message and personality is crucial to success

Designing Your Personal Brand

Creating a thirty second elevator pitch so you’re never taken off guard again
Using Canva to create great images with no graphic design experience

Promoting Your Personal Brand

Be clear on who you are and what you are all about
Live, breathe, eat, and sleep your personal brand to success

Case Studies: Famous Personal Brands

Pat Flynn
Oprah Winfrey
Gordon Ramsay


Thank you for watching this personal brand building course!

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